Luckily the Byron Williams incident ended in a police shootout where no one was killed. Otherwise dozens of Americans could have been killed by this right-wing maniac.

This letter is not hyperbole, it is a call to rationality. Why on God’s green earth would any company advertise on Glenn Beck, unless they support the fear, hate, and possible violence by the extreme far-right?
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Wait, I forgot Hannity is a lying scaredy cat.

But not all Conservative talk show hosts are.

“Mancow” Muller followed through on his pledge to be waterboarded, and the result?

He lasted all of 6 seconds, and now believes that waterboarding IS torture:

And in a related story, Keith Olbermann who had offered $1,000 to charity for every second Sean Hannity withstood waterboarding donated a nice bundle to Mancow’s service related charity: Veterans Of Valor

Olbermann Donates $10K For Mancow’s Waterboarding

Is it any wonder why both fundamentalism and conservatism are losing so much ground with the general populace?

As I’ve previously commented, you just can’t go around bullshitting your way through life anymore, no matter if you’re Dick Cheney, or in this case, Liberty University. You will get called out on your lies and hypocrisy.

People are going to get a big wiff of your stench when you do something majorly stupid, and probably long before they’ve heard whatever message you were trying to get our there in the first place.

Conservative university bans Democratic club

Liberty University — the largest evangelical university in the world — has revoked its recognition of the campus Democratic Party club. In their explanation, the university said they were “unable to lend support to a club whose parent organization stands against the moral principles held by” the school.

Liberty’s vice president of student affairs Mark Hine penned an email to the group’s chief, saying the club must immediately desist from using the university’s name, holding meetings on campus or advertising events — and that violations could, if frequent, result in expulsion.

“We are in no way attempting to stifle free speech,” Hine quipped when asked about the email on Thursday by the Lynchburg News and Advance. “We looked at each club and organization to determine where it stood and unfortunately this one kind of got in the sights of policy, if you will.”

Diaz said that the college’s vice president had actually complimented the club last year for being a faith-based organization working within the Democratic party. Ironically, the group opposes abortion and same-sex marriage — but that wasn’t enough for Liberty University officials.

The group’s staff adviser, Maria Childress, told the paper, “His bottom line was, ‘You can’t be a Democrat and be a Christian and be a university representative.’”

The university was founded in 1971 by evangelical scion Jerry Falwell, who until his death in 2007 was a popular face on political talk shows.

American Taliban

Although there were heavy suspicions, yesterday’s coverage left no doubt that Fox News was actively promoting and leading the Tea Party movement. In the run-up to the events, it did seem odd that Fox News was giving so much free advertising to what should have been “unbiased coverage” of a news story.

But not only were the Fox News “reporters” stationed at various Tea Party locations, but the Alamo rally was lead by Glenn Beck and the Atlanta rally by Sean Hannity.

Can you even begin to imagine the outrage by the right if say… Charles Gibson or Wolf Blitzer were up on stage rallying the anti-war crowds during the Bush years?

And I’m not going to even get into how these were basically hate-Obama events packaged as tax protests.

Unbelieveable is the only word I could muster as I watched Fox “News” completely rip off it’s ever thinning mask of “fair and balanced” as it’s personailties danced, pranced and preached to the crowds:

An old yet politically misguided friend connected with me on Facebook the other day. I noticed that the person had joined one of those wacky “Tea Party” groups that you see Glenn ‘crazy eyes’ Beck promote as “bipartisan citizens groups” concerned over taxes, I suppose. Nevermind that 90% of them will be getting tax breaks under Obama’s plan, and only those making over 250k a year will go back to 1990’s levels. Were the 90’s so bad? I seem to recall the Clinton years as pretty darn good for everyone.

Anyway, I looked around their facebook page to see any signs of a liberal in uproar over Obama’s tax policies … short story made shorter, I find none. Nada, zilch. zero. Usually these groups will have at least one person pretending to be a democrat feigning outrage over on whatever topic the rightards are currently outraged about. oh well maybe next meeting.

Clicking on their Photos from the local Tea Party tells the whole sordid tale, if you care to peruse. I’m posting a couple pics here to give you a taste of what’s in store for you in their photo album:

Turns out Obama is the antichrist, who knew?

Turns out Obama is the antichrist, who knew?

Yeah, I knew Obama was just like Hitler, but he stole the election too?

Yeah, I knew Obama was just like Hitler, but he stole the election too?



Ain’t it weird? … you sit down to check your email before bed, and the next thing you know your looking at Japanese toys from the 1960’s or reading the history of Dr. Scholl’s foot powder.

Some links that can take you far astray, sooner than you imagine:






Browsing youtube, of course, I found one of those great one-hit-wonder radio songs that I had long forgot about:



I was glad to have voted for Obama and hope he can pull us through. Unfortunately, I think he started off badly with these Wall Street bailouts. I hope he will look at Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency — I see the same problems, and Teddy got it right.

TR’s trust busting actions lasted almost a century, and it’s time we began supporting candidates of either party that will put the people’s interests first and the banks and corporations second.

Teddy Roosevelt’s Trust-busting policies: