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Talk about your Sore Losermen, the 2000 election debacle was over in 38 days, while almost 4 months have passed and Norm Coleman and his GOP-funded legal team refuse to concede the 2008 Minnesota Senatorial election, even though none of his legal challenges have changed a single vote of Al Frankens’ 225 vote lead since the end of the formal recount.

Now Stormin’ Norman is pushing for a complete statewide revote.

Said Coleman, “Yeah, you know some folks are now talking about simply saying run it again, just run it again … Have another statewide election.”

I guess the party of fiscal responsibilty apparantly has no problem spending taxpayer millions for another election or two, or as many as it takes for Norm to come out on top.

Norm ...the transgender years

Norm ...the transgender years


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