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After seeing K-razy Alan Keyes nutty rant about how “Obama is a radical communist (intent on) “destroying this country”, it is becoming clear that the core GOP is becoming farther and farther detached from reality.

And the reason is simple. You can’t lie anymore without being called on it. At least on the internet. Yes, there will always be spin and opinions, but with google, snopes, wikipedia and thousands of news sources, to lie is to instantly become a discredited joke.

Example: When’s the last time you recieved a chain e-mail from your right-wing relatives? I know I used to get at least one a week, now they know they had better fact check something before forwarding it to me, because they’ll get their ass handed to them.

the next twenty years

the next twenty years

And since the GOP has always depended on lies, spin and distortion to get out their message, even people that would naturally lean conservative have been turned off in the last decade. So the hardcore 20% of the population that vote pure GOP have to willingly lie to themselves. That sounds wacky, but just like religious fundamentalists, they accept things “on faith” even when it goes against fact-based science.


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