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– You ever have one of those dreams where you’re having a dinner party with your bestest friends plus Lincoln, Elvis, Gisele Bundchen and Tiger Woods?

Well that’s how twitter feels every time you check it.
Kinda like being the coolest kid in school, and your pals are constantly passing you little secret notes.

The reality is, while it can very well be like that with your real friends, any “famous” people you follow on Twitter is much more like a one-way conversation.

Remember when “internet chats” first had celebrity guests?
400 people are wildly typing in questions and two get answered? That’s the reality. But still, the app is extremely neat, easy, and free.

The one improvement I’d like is to be able to “switch channels” since your message list can quickly become pages long. Maybe one channel for friends, one for business, sports, entertainment, etc.

A typical twitter “conversation”:

garyvee: At dominicks in LA on Beverly drinking wine .. Come by if r near by

nytimes: Asian Stocks Follow in the Tracks of a Bad U.S. Trading Day http://tinyurl.com/by8agu

jdickerson: Great Frontline on $$ Meltdown. Extraordinary awkward Paulson moment at 34:34 http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/meltdown/view/

anamariecox: Finally caught up with “Lost.” Wine, graph paper, mental health team not covering it. Calling in bourbon reinforcements.

me: 4 a.m. cranky thought bout The Office: starting to like dwight way more than jim? smirks at me again, I’m gonna hunt down punch his big nose

Jim needs a cockpunch

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