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With Gov. Bobby Jindal’s lame response tuesday night to President Obama’s address, the GOP has officially exhausted their line-up of women and dark-skinned minorities.

First it was Hillary alternative Gov. Sarah Palin, the eternally fertile hockey mom From Wasilla, who left America wondering which was bigger, her bust size or her I.Q.

Then came Michael Steele, whom the GOP recently elected as chair of the Republican National Committee, whose hiring gives a whole new meaning to the words “affirmative action”.

I hope the GOP now realizes that just saying “we’re diverse too!!” doesn’t cut it, their policies have to reflect it. We democrats did not elect Obama because he was a black man. He faced a long and difficult primary against a dozen top democrats, Hillary Clinton among them.

Like an old house with a neglected leaky roof, the GOP has many deep-rooted problems that will take a decade or more to recover from, but first they’ll have to recognize and begin removing the many layers of rot and mold.



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